Jonathon Milne and Alice Wilson-Milne who manage "The Learning Connexion" moved the campus from Island Bay to Taita (the old DSIR venue and offered me the job of painting the campus, (after tears of excitement) we started... From here I was given free reign to create as paint and I felt on any given day this was full-time in and out of weather and life, climbing scaffolds and ladders to cover 8 buildings in 8 years.

This was an extra ordinary start to my life as a full-time artist.

We explored all things paint on a variety of surfaces and the last building we covered in gold glitter (which today the experiment is looking a bit sparse) but was very shiny at the time.

A saying that springs to mind that Jonathon said one day " A painting never finishes it just stops in interesting places" kind of sums it up.